Top 3 cocktail bars in Karachi

Top 3 cocktail bars in Karachi

 The cocktails are alcohol mixed drinks and finding good spots that offer a range of good quality drinks is hard in Karachi. The restaurants are licensed to serve alcoholic drinks keeping in mind the fact that  Karachi caters to a huge non Muslims population. These drinks are either served privately or openly on tables as per the ease of the restaurant.

Karachi being a hub to many tourists and a great diversity of multicultural and multi-religion communities offers a wide range of options for cuisines and cocktails. There are places which allow the serving of alcohol owing to their permit in this big city. If you are looking for a good place to have a refreshing cocktail then there is no need for any hassle because we bring you 3 good options depending on the menu, the serving styles and prices. You can easily choose a bar from our following options.

1- The Cafe Flo

This cafe located in the posh area of Karachi gives a unique fine dining experience to its customers. This small french restaurant hidden in the neighbourhood of Clifton serves wine. The ambiance and the decor has a beautiful vibe to it. The food is mouth watering and creatively served. The greens that cover the restaurant add beauty to the whole set up.It is certainly a great place to experience a good wine

2- Cafe Aylanto

Another cafe located in the streets of Karachi hidden among the bungalows. It offers the opportunity for the guests to bring in their own bottles which are then served by the waiters. It is however necessary to inform the waiter so that proper sitting arrangements are made for alcoholics. This elite restaurant holds a great reputation for its beautiful ambiance and good tasting food. The dining is expensive on the pocket but the experience is quite excellent. A dinner at Aylanto is worth remembering.

3- Cotie Rotie

It is a unique French restaurant inside the Alliance Française. The cafe is designed with delicate french details. The aesthetic setting and french vibe creates a great vibe which sets a mood for the customers to enjoy food and cocktails at this cafe. Located in the affluent neighbourhood of Clifton this little restaurant gives a good cocktail experience paired with lovely food. They might ask for the customers to bring their own bottle but as they own the permit to serve alcoholic drinks they allow alcohol at their restaurant.


Karachi is a big city with cultural and religious diversity but still holds a very conservative standard with poor nightlife and almost no cocktail bars and clubs. The affluent neighbourhoods have cafes which have a licence to serve alcohol. Among these cafes alcohol as cocktails is either provided by the restaurant or the customers are allowed to bring their own bottles. These restaurants have great food to pair with your cocktails hence they offer a great wine and dine experience to their customers.

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